Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Soal UH (Greeting, Parting, Gratitude and Apologizing)

KD                  : 3.1 DAN 4.1

A.     Choose  the correct answer by crossing A,B,C or D!
1.      Sinta : Good afternoon, sir?
Mr. Budi : …………………….., Sinta.
A.     Good afternoon
B.     Nice to meet you too
C.     I’m fine
D.     How do you do
2.      Dina : What is your name?
Vina : ………………………
A.     I live at Melati street
B.     I’m seventeen years old
C.     My name is Vina
D.     I ‘m fine. Thank you
3.      Alex : How do you do?
Boy : ………………………….
A.     How do you do
B.     I’m fine. Thank you
C.     I am reading a novel
D.     My name is Boy
4.      Reza : I will go to the bed now.
Faris : Ok. …………………….
A.     Good afternoon
B.     Good night
C.     Good morning
D.     Good evening
5.      Sarah : Good morning, Rara?
Rara : ………………….., Sarah.
A.     Good morning
B.     Good afternoon
C.     Good evening
D.     Good night

6.       “Thank you, Mom!”
A.     I am sorry
B.     I am fine
C.     You are welcome
D.     You are good

7.      Prabu   :”Kadita, this is a present for you. I hope you like it.”
     Kadita :”Oh, This is so wonderful._____”

A.     Thank you very much
B.     You are so kind to me
C.     I like it very much
D.     May I have it?
8.     Reza          :”____for lending me the books.”
      Argo :”You are welcome.” 
A.     That’s good idea
B.     No,I’d be glad to
C.     Thank you very much
D.     I’m afraid I can’t

9.      Guest   : “Thank you very much for your help.”
     Host    : “_____”
A.     You’re Welcome
B.     Thank you for coming
C.     I’m glad
D.     No,thanks

10.  A        : “Happy birthday,Fini. Here is a present for you.”
       B        : “_______”
A.     Oh,Thank you
B.     How kind of you say that!
C.     Oh,yes!
D.     Is this for me?

B.     Complete the dialogues with the sentences on the right!
11.  Wati           :  Good evening, Sir?
     Mr. Priyono: (1)……………..,  Wati.
12.  Clara           :  (2)………………, Stella?
     Nancy         :  I’m fine, thank you.
13. Denny        :  (3)………… for coming late.
     Lia              :  Never mind.
14.  Mercia        :  Hi, Yulia.  How are you today?
     Yulia          :  (4)………………, thank you.
15.  Lindsay      :  (5) ………………
Marcel        :   See you later.

C.     What did you say in the following situation?
1.      One day, you are celebrating your birthday party. Your friends gave you many presents. What did you say to them?

2.      You gave a present to your friend and she/he thanked you. What did you say to respond it?

3.      You lose your friend’s pencil. What will you say to her/him?

Arrange jumbled words below into a good expression!

4.      sorry – am – for – late – I – coming.
5.      you – for – bringing – thank – an umbrella-me

Good luck!! Be the best! 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullohi wabarakaatuh

Good day everyone! Today I want to write some exercises about gratitude and apologizing for Class 7. They are not new materials but I hope it will be useful for you to train it to your students.
Have a nice day!

Exercise 1
 Arrange the following sentences into a good expression!
1. for - you - giving - thank - me - money
2. sorry - am - for- the mistakes - I
3. coming - sorry - very - I- late - am - for
4. very - thank - for -you - the gift - much
5. for - making - apologize - you - I - angry

Exercise 2
What will you say if ...
1. Your father bought you a bicycle.
2. You forgot to go to your friend's house.
3. Dini gave you a birthday present.
4. You are making a noisy in the classroom.
5. You broke your brother's toys.

arrange = susunlah
following = berikut
sentences = kalimat
give-gave-given = memberikan
a bicycle = sepeda
mistakes = kesalahan
gift = present = hadiah
come-came-come = datang
make-made-made = membuat
angry = marah
forget-forgot-forgotten = lupa
break-broke-broken = merusak/memecah
birthday = hari ulang tahun
noisy = keributan
toys = mainan