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Soal Short Messages 1

Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuuh
Berikut saya coba menyajikan soal-soal UN khusus materi Short Messages. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkan untuk disampaikan pada peserta didiknya. Thank you.
Read the text to answer questions 1 -3

To :  Aqila

        I’m terribly sorry to tell you that I can’t join your party.
My brother got accident and now he is hospitalized.


1.    What does the message above tell us about ?
     A.   Azzahra tells Aqila why she didin’t attend her invitation.
     B.   Aqila’s brother is hospitalized because of an accident.
     C.   Aqila’s brother got an accident.
     D.   Azzahra invited Aqila to come to her party.

2.    Who is being hospitalized?
     A.   Aqila
     B.   Azzahra
     C.   Aqila’s brother
     D.   Azzahra’s brother

3.     The word “ hospitalized”  means….
     A. Visiting someone in a hospital.
     B.  Sent to hospital for treatment.
     C.  Going to hospital for a vacation.
     D.  Leaving for hospital because of getting well.

To   : Andi
Date: February 15th, 2010

Andi, don’t forget to attend the basketball school competition at 4 p.m. tomorrow in stadium.
Come on time.


4.      The basketball school competition will be held at
A.     3 p.m.
B.     4 p.m.
C.     5 p.m.
D.     6 p.m.

For questions no. 5 to 6.

Dear Nining,

I want you to come my house for lunch on Sunday at 11.00 am


5.      “I want you to come….”
The synonym of the underlined word is….
A.    leave                           
B.     arrive
C.     depart
D.    move toward

6.      When should Nining come at Reza’s house?
A.    At night
B.     In the evening
C.     In the afternoon
D.    In the morning

From    : 0853984544

Please call me later , Jay.
I’m very busy. There are many patients here
How about your brother ?

7.      Who has sent an SMS?
A.    Andin                
B.     Patients                      
C.     Your brother     
D.    Jay

8.      Where does Andin work?
A.    School                 
B.     Office                         
C.     Harbor                        
D.    Hospital

The text is for no. 9 to 10.

To: Jonathan

I’m terribly sorry. I’m not going to be able to play football with you tomorrow afternoon. I have to go out of town this weekend.
What about next Monday? 


9.      How long will Tom go out of town?
A.    A day
B.     Two days
C.     Three days
D.    Seven days

10.  What is the purpose of the message?
A.    To inform about delaying an activity
B.     To invite someone to go out of town
C.     To invite someone to play football
D.    To announce a football match

 To : Reno
Remember, we’ve had an appointment to go to the bookstore after school. I’ll be waiting for you at the school gate. Be on time.


11.  What does the message tell about?
A.    Doing an activity after school
B.     Going to the book store
C.     Going home together
D.   Arriving at school

12.  Remember, we’ve had an appointment to go to the bookstore after school.
The underlined word has similar meaning to …
A.    Appreciation                                      
B.     Engagement
C.     Foundation                                                     
D.   Enrichment

The text is for number 13.

Dear : Andra

Don’t forget to pick your litle sister up at the English course, at  7 p.m.
Bring the umbrella, it will rain.

Your mom

13.  Why should Andra bring an umbrella?
A.                            Because it will rain
B.                             Because it is raining
C.                             Because it rains
D.                            Because it rained

Rounded Rectangle: From Sandra
Hi Bonita! Please tell your sister, Heni, to bring my dictionary. Tomorrow, my class will practice writing on English with Ms. Stefanie and I don’t  want to be failed. Thanks.

14.  The following information are true, except ….
A.    Sandra sent an SMS to Bonita                      
B.     Sandra remind Bonita to bring her dictionary           
C.     Heni borrowed Sandra’s dictionary
D.    Ms. Stefanie is an English teacher at Sandra’s school

15.  Who borrows the dictionary?
A.    Sandra
B.     Bonita
C.     Heni
D.    Stefanie

To        : Ambar
         Date    : August, 3rd
Don’t forget to attend the English speech contest at 8.00 a.m.
         Tomorrow in Kudus sport hall, come on time!


16.  What is the message about?
A.    Giving information about English speech contest
B.     Reminding  Ambar to attend the English speech contest
C.     Asking Ambar about the English speech contest
D.    Asking Ambar not to attend in speech contest

Rounded Rectangle: To: Atiek
Sorry honey, I can’t fulfill my promise 2 go with u 2 Ari’s birthday party 2night. I’ve 2 meet Mr. Suhel at 07.00 p.m. Please, don’t be angry.

17.  Who will have a birthday party tonight?
A.    Mr. Suhel
B.     Anton
C.     Ari
D.    Atiek

From  62815558165
     Just to inform you that the meeting will be cancelled for tomorrow Mon.
    23rd   May 2009 at 10 a.m. as Principle will arrive from Singapore tonight.



18.  From the text we know that  ...   
  1. the principal was away when the message was sent
  2. the sender cannot attend the meeting
  3. the principal will wait for the meeting that day
  4. the sender was in Singapore when he sent the message

19.  The short message is written to  ...
  1. tell what had happened in the meeting
  2. inform the cancellation of the meeting
  3. say that the principal won’t come to the meeting
  4. inform that the sender has just arrived from Singapore

Folded Corner: Dear Tomi,

Our aunt Jamila got an accident this morning. She is waiting for the operation in Harapan hospital now. It is scheduled at 10 am.

Our family will be waiting for it there before ten.

Don’t be in hurry as you’re out of town.
She’s going to stay in the hospital for days after the operation.


20.  According to the message, Tina asks that Tomi ….
A.    come to the hospital soon                        
B.     never come to the hospital
C.     wait for the operation
D.    may come  after the operation

21.  “It is scheduled at 10 am.”  What does the word “it” refers to?
A.    Hospital                   
B.     Operation                
C.     Accident                 
D.    Tom’s town

22.  Tina is probably Tomi’s …
A.    sister   
B.     mother
C.     aunt    
D.    friend

Sorry Ta, I can’t fulfil my promise to go with you to Fahmi’s birthday party to night. I have to meet Mr. Anwar at 7 p.m.
Please don’t be angry

23.  How does Rahmat feel when he sends the message?
A.       Impressed
B.       Relieved
C.       Excited
D.       Guilty

The text is for questions no 24 -25.

To : Nia

Don’t forget to shut down the computer, if you’ll go back!

General Manager


24.  Where is the notice of the message ?
A.    In the school                                                 
B.     In the house
C.     In the market
D.    In the office

25.  “…,if you’ll go back” the word  you refers to ….
A.    The writer                                                   
B.     The reader
C.     Nia
D.    General manager

Dear Mr. Anto,

Your appointment to see Mr. Charlie is on Tuesday 7th June at 2.15 p.m. Please be on time.



26.  From the text we know that Mr. Anto will come to see Mr. Charlie ....
A.    in the morning
B.     in the afternoon
C.     in the evening
D.    at midnight

27.  "Please be on time."
The sentence means "to come ...."
A.    fast
B.     early
C.     punctually
D.    quickly

Study the text to answer question 28 and 29.
To: Bayu
            Don’t forget to pick up your little sister at the English course at 5:00 p.m.
            In case it rains, don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you.
            Thank you dear,


28.  What is the message about?
A.    Having an English course.
B.     Bringing an umbrella.
C.     Reminding picking up a sister.
D.    Forgetting to pick up someone.

29.  What is Bayu little sister doing?
A.                            She is picking up her brother.
B.                             She is having an English course.
C.                             She is doing her homework with her friends.
D.                            She is bringing her umbrella.
Text for  number 30 to 32

From    ;
To        : Ida
Subject            : Preparation for National Exam
Date    : Mon, 18 August 2009 09:15
Dear Mrs.Ida
Due to the approaching time of the national Exam, I would like to you to prepare the schedule for additional lesson for the third graders. Please contact all teachers, such as Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mathematics, and Sciences teachers to prepare the materials.
The program will be executed from October to December for the first semester.

30.  What is the text about?
A. Preparation for National Exam
B. Schedule for additional lesson
C. Meeting the teachers
D. Preparing the materials

31.  The program will last for… months
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

32.  I would like to you to prepare….
The underlined word in the sentence refers to….
A.    Ida
B.     Ahmadi
C.     teachers
D.     Students

Sorry Ta, I can’t fulfil my promise to go with you to Fahmi’s birthday party to night. I have to meet Mr. Anwar at 7 p.m.

Please don’t be angry


33.  Where do they return the book?
A.                The classroom       
B.                The library
C.                Administration office
D.                Teacher’s room

34.   “Accompany me to ….”
        What does the word “me: refers ….
A.    Receiver
B.     Sender
C.     Reader
D.    Administrator

 The text is for questions 35.

Dear Listy,
I’m sorry to know your fall sick. But I’m sure your sickness is your chance to have rest from your very busy time. Hoping you get better soon!


35.  What is meant by “your sickness is your chance to have rest from your very busy time”?
A.                Listy has never had time to have rest.
B.                Adya has never had time to have rest.
C.                Listy and Adya have never had time to have rest.
D.                Listy and Adya have had time to have rest.

Read to memo and answer question 36 and 37.

To         : Lab. Assistant Louise
From     : Dr. Plowman 

Date      : October 10th , 2010
Louise, don’t forget to prepare the material and equipment Grade 7 biological experiment today at 09:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. Thanks.

Dr. Plowman

36.  The memo gives us information about …
A.     Louise forgets to prepare the equipment
B.     Dr. Plowman forgets to have biological experiment
C.     Dr. Plowman reminds Louise to prepare of biological experiment
D.     Louise reminds Dr. Plowman to prepare of biological experiment

37.  When does Dr. Plowman write to memo?
A.     October 9, 2010
B.     October10, 2010
C.     October 11, 2010
D.     October 17, 2010

Brother, give me a call soon. I tried to call you but always failed. Father got an accident, hit by a motorcycle on his way home  from his office. Taken to Waras Hospital. Be here soon. 

38.  What is the message about ?
A.     Waras Hospital
B.     An Accident
C.     Amita’s brother
D.    Motorcycle         
39.  Who sent the message ?
A.     Amita
B.     Amita’s brother
C.     Father
D.     Waras Hospital

40.  Taken to has the same meaning as ….
A.     sent to 
B.     put to
C.     followed to 
D.     went to

41.  What is the goal of the text. It is to ….
A.    entertain
B.     give information about an accident
C.     retell a story
D.    give information about an action

      Read the SMS below!

Lia, Don’t forget to turn off the gas stove before you leave the house.    From : your mother.


42.     What does it mean?
A.    Lia is messaged by her mother to turn off the gass stove.
B.     Lia is messaged by her mother to leave the house
C.     Lia is messaged by her mother to forget the gass stove
D.    Lia is messaged by her mother not to turn off the gass stove

43.  “…. before you leave the house.”
         The word “you” in the sentence refers to …..
A.    mother
B.     house
C.     Lia
D.    stove

44.  “ Don’t forget to turn off the gas stove …”
         The underlined word has opposite meaning with …
A.    Go out
B.     Swith on
C.     Turn on
D.    Take in

Questions no 45- 47.

To        : Kathy
Kathy, are you free this afternoon? If you are, would you join me to the mall ? I want to buy something for my mom’s birthday present. We can also go window shopping. How does it sound?

45.  What is the short message about?
A.    Kathy’s invitation to go shopping
B.     Kathy’s agreement to go shopping
C.     Shania’s invitation to buy the birthday present.
D.    Shania’s agreement to go window shopping

46.  We can also go window shopping.” The underlined word refers to….
A.    Kathy and her mother
B.     Shania and her mother
C.     Shania and her friends
D.    Shania and Kathy

47.  We can also go “window shopping”. The underlined word has the same meaning with…
A.    go fishing
B.     wind surfing
C.     sight seeing
D.    keep searching

Read this text!

To all students,

Due the bad weather in this time, we will cancel the hiking activity on 19/2/2010 is changed into 23/3/2010. Please make sure your condition well for the hard activity. Thanks for your attention.

The Chairman,


48.  What is the purpose of the text?
A.    To inform the students to go hiking.
B.     To inform the students about bad condition on February.
C.     To inform the students about changing the time hiking of activity.
D.    To inform the students to keep their condition.

49.  What is the synonym of the word “chairman”?
A.    The committee.
B.     The leader.
C.     The secretary.
D.    The headmaster.

50.  “ We will cancel …”
         The word “we” refers to ….
A.    Yoga
B.     All students
C.     The Chairman and All students
D.    The Chairman