Thursday, 10 December 2015

Takutlah pada Allah

Untukmu wahai anak-anakku
Takutlah engkau kepada tuhanmu Allah
Jangan takut kepada bapak dan ibumu ini
Maafkanlah wahai anak-anakku
Jika bapak dan ibumu ini
 lebih membuatmu takut daripada kepada Tuhan

Untukmu wahai murid-muridku
Takutlah engkau kepada tuhanmu Allah
Janganlah takut pada bapak dan ibu gurumu ini ketika menjadi pengawas ulanganmu
Maafkanlah wahai murid-muridku
Jika bapak dan ibu gurumu ini
lebih kau takuti ketimbang kau takut pada Tuhan
atas kecurangan dan ketidakjujuranmu dalam ujian

Untukmu wahai pemimpin-pemimpinku
Takutlah engkau kepada Tuhanmu Allah
Janganlah takut pada penjara, kurungan atau hujatan-hujatan
Maafkanlah kami wahai pemimpin-pemimpinku
Jika ternyata salah kami memilihmu
Jika kami salah mempercayakan amanat ini padamu
yang ternyata melangkah di jalan yang salah
karena kau tak lagi takut pada Tuhan

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Soal Latihan UN

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
Pada kesempatan hari ini saya ingin mempostingkan materi latihan UN. Mudah-mudahan bisa menambah koleksi soal untuk dapat digunakan untuk peserta didik dalam mempersiapkan diri menghadapi UN mendatang. Selamat menyimak dan semoga bermanfaat.

Choose the best answer.

Read the text and answer question 1.


1.        What does the sign mean?
A.       Don’t touch the equipment.
B.       Put our hands on the equipment.
C.       Touch the material with our hands.
D.      Don’t keep the material and the equipment.

Scout Association of SMP N 1 Taruma Jaya
To: All members

In order to celebrate our Independence Day, we are going to go camping at Pangrango Mountain from 14 to 16 August 2011.
The contribution is Rp. 50. 000. Those who want to join the activity please contact Mr. Gunawan.
Registration will be opened starting from 5th August 2011.
For further information, please contact the committee.                                             

Chair person

Read the text to answer questions 2 and 3.
2.        The camping will start on...
A.       5 August 2011
B.       14 August 2011
C.       15 August 2011
D.       16 August 2011

3.       Whom should you meet to register for the program?
A.       The chair person.
B.       The committee
C.       Mr. Gunawan
D.       Nanda

Read the text to answer questions 4 and 5.

Dear all of students,
Each of us has different talents, different dreams, and different destinations.
We all have the power to make a new tomorrow with great happiness.
We, the Senior Class of Campbellsburg High School, invite you to join us on School Anniversary on Friday 1st June 2011 at 06.30 pm at Hamilton Auditorium Campbellsburg, Arizona.

4. Where will the anniversary be held?
A.       At high school 
B.       In the class room
C.       At the school yard
D.       At Hamilton Auditorium

5.        “…invite you to join us…” What does the underlined word mean?
A.      Ask
B.       Force
C.       Tell
D.      Persuade

Read the text and answer the questions 6 and 7.

To: Liz

Sorry honey, I can’t keepl my promise to go with you to the Mall tonight. I’ve to meet Mrs. Cathy at 07.00 pm. Please, don’t be angry.


6.        How is Liz’s mother feel about her promise?
A.       Impressed
B.       Confused
C.       Relieved
D.       Guilty

7.        Mom writes the text in order to …
A.       apologize for not keeping the promise.
B.       Remind Liz that she has a promise with her.
C.       Tell iz that she has to go to the meeting.
D.       say that she cannot meet her in the Mall.

Read the text and answer questions 8 and 9.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Burhanudin

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.
Congratulations on your new home
May your new place give you …Warmth, happiness and lots of joy!

Your sincerely
Mr. and Mrs. Anwar Sidiq

8.        From the text we can say that Mr. and Mrs. Burhanuddin have just …a new house
A.   sold
B.   built    
C.   bought
D.   moved into     
9.        What is Mr. and Mrs. Anwar Sidiq’s purpose for sending the card?
A.       To congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Burhanudin for their moving into a new house.
B.        To give warmth and happiness for Mr. and Mrs. Burhanusin’s house.
C.        To ask Mr and Mrs. Burhanudin to come to their house.
D.       To help Mr. and Mrs. Burhanudin build a new house.

Read the text to answer questions 10 and 11.
Exclusive facial Cotton
100% pure cotton without bleaching
Ensures better absorbency and comfort for cosmetic application
Hygienic way to remove make up and cleanser
Its softness is suitable for baby’s skin

10.    What is the main function of the Exclusive facial cotton?
A.       To soften baby’s skin
B.       To comfort the face
C.       To absorb cosmetic
D.       To clean make up

11.    From the text above we know that Exclusive facial Cotton is …
A.       hygienic in certain items.
B.       pure white without chemical process.
C.       white with certain addition substances.
D.       natural because of no chemical process.

Read the text to answer questions 12 to 14.

Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Unit 2735
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 13570

November 10, 2011
Dear Sabrina,

Please let me express my deepest sympathies to you and the children. I was shocked and shattered when I heard about Frank's horrific accident. I can't even imagine what you have been going through for the past ten days.

As you know, Frank and I have been colleagues and friends for the past eight years. His tragic loss leaves a terrible void in our office. He was so well-liked and respected by everyone who came into contact with him, both colleagues and clients alike. He had tremendous people skills, and as such, was a role model in our company and the industry at large.

I trust that, when they are older, the children will be made aware of what an outstanding person Frank was in his professional life.
Sabrina, please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way while you go through this very difficult period. I will support you in any way that I can should you reach out to me.

Also, please tell the children how terribly devastated all of us are here at the company due to their Father's tragic passing.

Sincere sympathy,
Darlene Francis
12.    What’s the relationship between Darlene and Frank?
A.       They were clients.
B.       They were colleagues.
C.       They were schoolmates.
D.       They were neighbors.

13.    I trust that, when they are older,..”
The underlined word refers to …
A.       people.
B.       Frank’s friends.
C.       Sabrina’s children.
D.       Sabrina and children.

Read the text to answer questions 14 to 17.

I have a close Friend. She is beautiful, attractive and trendy. She always wants to be a trend setter of the day. She always pays much attention to her appearance. Recently, she bought a new stylist foot legs from blowfish shoes products. These shoes really match on her.

Her new blowfish women's shoes are wonderful. When she is walking on those shoes, all her friends, including me watch and admire that she has the most suitable shoes on her physical appearance. The style, bright color, and brand represent her as a smart woman of the day. She really has perfect appearance.

She is really mad on those shoes. She said that the products covered all genders. The blowfish men's shoes are as elegant as she has. The products provide varieties of choice. Ballet, casual, boot athletic shoes are designed in attractive way. The products are international trade mark and become the hottest trend.

14.    The writer’s friend has just bought … from blowfish shoes products.
A.       a new match shoes
B.       a new stylist foot legs
C.       a trendy and attractive shoes
D.       a brand and bright color shoes

15.    Why does the writer admire her friend?
A.           She likes wearing an international trade mark shoes.
B.            She always wants to be a trendy and attractive woman.
C.            She has the most suitable shoes on her physical appearance.
D.           She really has perfect appearance with her wonderful shoes.

16.    Writer writes the text in order to …
A.       describe her friend’s style and her new shoes.
B.       explain an international trademark shoes.
C.       share her experience with her friend.
D.       tell blowfish shoes products.

17.    She really has perfect appearance.” The word ‘she’ refers to …
A.       the writer.
B.       a close friend.
C.       the writer’s friend.
D.       a blowfish women's shoes.

Read the text and answer questions 18 to 22.

When I just hang out in a mall one day, I saw a very beautiful bag.  I love this bag at the first sight. This was the first time I've spent much money on a bag and I don't regret it.
     The bag is wonderful. It is made of thin but strong leather. The weight is light and the size keeps it from getting stuffed with junk. It has a long shoulder strap that I like because it keeps the bag hands-free.  Its neutral color is fun and sporty. The design is simple and well-made.
      The bag is very functional. It is the perfect size to carry a cell phone, a pocket-sized wallet, a small book, a pack of gum, and pens. It also fits well into my laptop backpack for bike commuting to school. This bag also has more pockets inside so my small items don't all fall to the bottom. In overall I really satisfy with bag.

18.    Where does the writer usually put her small items?
A.       In her pockets.
B.        In her laptop backpack.
C.        In her pocket size wallet.
D.       In the pockets of her leather bag.

19.    What makes the small items of the writer not falling down in the bag?
A.       The satisfying bag
B.        Her laptop backpack
C.        A pocket-sized wallet
D.       The pockets inside the bag

20.    “I've spent much money on a bag and I don't regret it”. The underlined word refers to …the bag.
A.  having
B.   seeing
C.   buying
D.  loving

21.    What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A.       The writer has a new bag.
B.       The bag is very functional.
C.       The bag has many pockets.
D.       The writer is satisfied with the bag.

22.    What is the purpose of the text?
A.       To retell the past event
B.        To entertain the readers
C.        To describe the writer’s new bag
D.       To give instruction how to buy a bag

Read the text to answer questions 23 to 26.

Pharmacists are the professionals who dispense medicines to the patients, as prescribed by the medical expert. In most of the cases, the experienced pharmacists can even prescribe some better drugs and medicines to the patients. One of the most important pharmacist job descriptions is the management of medicines and drugs in health care units and hospitals. The pharmacist job description also includes assisting the patients, advising the medical experts and helping the patients by recommending the right medicine.
Some of the job duties of a pharmacist are as follows; give advice and assist doctors or surgeons in matters relating to dosages and prescriptions to the patient. Monitor and analyze the health of the patient, with respect to the drugs that have been given to the patient. Answer the queries of the patients about the probable side effects and benefits of the drug therapy. Seek immediate help from the doctor in case the drug shows some side effects on the patient. Recommend drugs to visitors with minor ailments.

23.    What does the text tell us about?
A.       A pharmacist
B.       A drug therapy
C.       A medical expert
D.       A doctor and surgeon

24.    Which one is usually done by a pharmacist?
A.       Giving immediate help to the patients
B.       Recommending better drugs to patients
C.       Helping surgeon while doing an operation
D.       Giving drugs to patients with major ailments

25.    Who has responsibility to recommend drugs to visitors with minor ailments?
A.       A doctor       C. A pharmacist
B.       A surgeon     D. A medical expert

26.    What’s the main idea of paragraph two?
A.       A pharmacist has some duties.
B.       A pharmacist and doctor work cooperatively.
C.       A pharmacist recommends drugs to the patient.
D.       Doctor and surgeon give prescriptions to the patient.

Read the text to answer questions 27 to 30.

27.    What does the text above tell us about?
A.       It tells about the way to make a mango smoothie.
B.       It identifies the problems to make a mango smoothie.
C.       It promotes the importance of a mango smoothie.
D.       It describes the features of a mango smoothie.

28.    What should you do after pouring yoghurt and milk into a blender?
A.       Slice the chunks off the skin with a knife.
B.       Add the mango, followed by 8 ice cubes.
C.       Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth.
D.       Turn the skin inside out to reveal chunks.

29.    How many steps are done to make a mango smoothie?
A.       10                  B. 9     C. 8        D. 7
30.    “Afterwards, pour 250 milliliters of yogurt and 150 milliliters of milk into a blender.”
The underlined word means ….
A.       Add              C. empty
B.       Mix               D. serve
 Read the text to answer questions 31 to 34.

"Don't eat just before going to bed!" my mother used to tell me. "You might get a nightmare." How right she was. I never believed her until it happened to me.

It was on a night when I felt hungry just as I was about to go to bed. So I made myself a peanut-butter sandwich and a large cold glass of milk. After consuming them I went to bed.

Soon I drifted off into a troubled sleep. I dreamt that I was with a group of people looking for an old woman. I was not sure why we were looking for her but we all seemed afraid of her. Somehow we had to find her. So there I was,searching high and low for her in frightful places I had never been before. Sometimes I seemed to be flying while at other times I seemed unable to move. The whole atmosphere was one of fear, like a dreadful horror-movie in which I was a victim.

After some searching I entered a darkened room and saw a figure sleeping on a bed. As I got nearer the figure suddenly threw away the blanket, got up and stared at me. It was an ugly old woman with shiny golden teeth. She raised her claw-like fingers and walked towards me.

I wanted to run but was unable to. I tried to scream but found that I could not. In horror I struggled and struggled to get away from the frightful woman.

The next moment I gave a muffled yell and found myself panting on my bed. My goodness, what a horrible nightmare it was! For a minute or so I lay on my bed not daring to close my eyes for fear of falling asleep again and continuing the nightmare. Then I sat up on my bed until the horrible feeling passed. From then on I never eat just before going to sleep.

31.    Why did writer never eat again before going to sleep?
A.       He was afraid being a fat boy.
B.       He was afraid to meet an old woman.
C.       He didn’t want to have a trouble sleep.
D.       He didn’t want to get a horrible nightmare.

32.    The next moment I gave a muffled yell and …” The underlined word means …
A.       quiet and less clear.
B.       noisy and shooting.
C.       loud and screaming.
D.       forceful and talkative.

33.    I never believed her until it happened to me …” The word ‘it” refers to …
A.       a bed.
B.       a nightmare.
C.       a Sandwich .
D.       peanut butter.

34.    What is the purpose of the writer to write the text?
A.       To share a bad dream
B.       To describe an old woman
C.       To retell a frightening experience
D.       To advice not to eat before sleeping

Read the text and answer questions 35 to 38.

It was early in the morning we left Ubud and travelled to Gili Air which is one of three islands of Lombok. It took 4 hours in total by boat. The travelling was not bad but it was a hot day. I said to Jane on the slow boat " It`s alright babe, it won`t be so hot and stuffy once we get moving.”
When we got to Gili Air it was still quiet so we were able to get a bungalow near the beach for about $ 15 a night plus breakfast. We shared our room with quite a number of geckos. Some of them were quite large ones.
The weather was still hot when I went diving. Jane waited for me at the seashore. She observed some fishermen who had just caught some fish. She did not want to dive because she had a trauma with sea animals. We had three days here which we spent walking around the island which takes about an hour. Every night, we sat on the couches near the beach and watched the waves and the stars.
It was a fantastic journey that I ever had.

35.    The purpose of writing the text above is …
A.       to amuse the readers.
B.       to advertise a tourism object.
C.       to retell the writer’s experience.
D.       to describe the view in Lombok.

36.    Jane did not join diving with the writer because …
A.       the weather was hot at that time.
B.       she had a bad experience with sea animals.
C.       there were some fishermen catching the fish.
D.       she preferred to wait for the writer at the seashore.

37.    “It was a fantastic journey that I ever had.” (last paragraph). The underlined word is similar in meaning to …
A.       meaningful.
B.       wonderful.
C.       interesting.
D.       amazing.

38.    We can conclude from the text we know that the hotel they stayed ini …
A.       had geckos farm.
B.       was not luxurious.
C.       served lunch and dinner.
D.       Only had bungalow.

Read the text and answer questions 39 to 42.
A man with his donkey carrying two sacks of wheat was on his way to the market. After a little while he was tired and they rested under a tree.

When he woke up from his nap he could not see the donkey and started searching for the donkey everywhere. On the way he met a boy, he asked the boy, “Have you seen my donkey?” The boy asked, “Is the donkey’s left eye blind, his right foot lame and is he carrying a load of wheat?” The man was happy and said, “Yes, exactly! Where have you seen it?” the boy answered “I haven’t seen it.” This made the man very angry and he took the boy to the village chief for punishment.

The judge asked, “Dear boy, if you had not seen the donkey, how could you describe it?” The boy answered, “I saw the tracks of a donkey and the right and left tracks were different from this. I understood that the donkey that passed there was limping. And the grass on the right side of the road was eaten but the grass on the left was not. From that I understood that his left eye was blind. There were wheat seeds scattered on the ground and I understood that he must have been carrying a load of wheat. The judge understood the boy’s cleverness and told the man to forgive the boy.

39.    The text shows that the boy knew about the donkey based on …
A.       the clues  that he saw.
B.       the words which people said.
C.       the report made by passers by.
D.       the people who told him.

40.    “…and I understood that he must have been carrying a load of wheat.” What does the underlined word in the sentence refer to?
A.       The donkey
B.       The traveler
C.       The man
D.       The village chief

41.    What lesson can we learn from telling the story?
A.       Punishment should be done as soon as possible.
B.       Law enforcement must be done to everyone.
C.       We should not jump into conclusion quickly.
D.       We must not be little people especially children.

42.    “Is the donkey’s left eye blind, his right foot lame and is he carrying a load of wheat?”   The underlined word means that the donkey’s right foot was…
A.       very strong.
B.       unable to walk.
C.       very weak.
D.       all right.

For questions 43 to 45 choose the best words to complete the text.


River hippos live half their lives in water. They … (43 ) and let the water carry their great weight. They … (44) sink completely below the surface, however. Instead, they paddle around with the tops of their heads sticking out of the water. A river hippo’s eyes, ears, and nose are all at the top of its head. It can breathe and see what’s going on even while most of its body is below water.
If it has to, a river hippopotamus can go underwater and hold its breath for as much as half an hour. River hippos can swim underwater, or walk on the river bottom. Pygmy hippos can swim, too, but they spend … (45) time in the water. They stay mostly on the riverbanks.

43.    A.  dive
       B. sink
       C. drown
       D. float

44.    A. usually
       B. rarely
       C. always
       D. often

45.    A. less
       B. more
       C. longer
       D. further

For questions 46 to 48, choose the best answer to complete the text.

 A Dog and a Cock became great friends. One day they travelled together. At night they sleep in the forest.  The Cock perched himself on the (46).... of a tree, while the Dog found a bed beneath in the hollow trunk.  When the morning dawned, the Cock, as usual, crowed very (47)... several times.  A Fox heard the sound, and wanted to eat the cock as breakfast. He came and stood under the branches, saying how (48)... his voice was and he wanted to meet the cock.

46.    A. roots
       B. trunks
       C. leaves
       D. branches

47.    A. Loud
       B. aloud
       C. loudly
       D. loudness

48.    A. soft
       B. loud
       C. hard
       D. beautiful

49.    Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph.

1.        Skateboarders skated on streets or sidewalks.
2.        In the beginning, skateboarding was simple.
3.        Today’s skaters are like flying acrobats.
4.        What secret powers do these skateboarders have?
5.        Doesn’t gravity apply to them?
6.        They leap, skid over obstacles, flip, and turn at amazing speeds.
7.        Their most exciting trick was to slide down the top of a hill.
8.        The answer is simple:  understand the laws of physics.

A.       2-1-3-7-4-6-5-8
B.       2-7-1-6-3-5-4-8
C.       2-6-7-1-5-8-4-3
D.       2-1-7-3-6-4-5-8

50.    Arrange the words to make a meaningful sentence.
Forty  – letminutesforthe chickenin the seasoning – marinate – about
    1         2          3          4                5           6                                 8              9

A.       2-5-1-3-8-9-6-7-4
B.       2-5-8-6-7-4-9-1-3
C.       2-8-5-7-6-9-4-1-3

D.       2-6-5-8-4-7-9-3-1