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Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
Kembali saya upload soal-saol try out untuk latihan siswa kita dalam menghadapi ujian Nasional tahun 2017. Meskipun mungkin ada yang tidak sesuai dengan SKL terbaru tetapi dapat digunakan untuk latihan persiapan terutama penguasaan kosakata anak. Demikian semoga bermanfaat.  Berikut soal TO 2 secara lengkap. Thank you.


Mata Pelajaran            : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas                           : IX (Sembilan)
Hari, tanggal                 :
Waktu                          : 120 menit
Jumlah soal                  : 50 butir

Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C or D!

The following text is for questions 1 and 2.
Jl. Samoja 5 Bandung 40275 Tlp. 022-7312394

To : Fino of Class VIIIB

Would you please attend our meeting, to be held as follows :
Day and date : Saturday, 11th March, 2016
Time                : 11 A.M
Place               : Multimedia Room
Agenda           : Final preparation for Wall Magazine Competition 2016

Please come on time and see you there!.



1.      From the text, we conclude that ....
A.    the meeting is held on Jl. Samoja, Bandung
B.     Fino is expected to arrive on time for the meeting
C.     the meeting will discuss about Multimedia Room
D.    Fino is the chairperson of the student organization

2.      “... Place  : Multimedia Room ...”
The underlined word has the closest meaning to ....
A.    Venue
B.     Party                            
C.     Show                           
D.    Dot
The following text is for question 3 and 4.

There will be a working bee at school on : Saturday, 28thFebruary 2016
All students are responsible for the cleanliness of the classroom and its surrounding.
Bring any cleaning tools
Come half of an hour earlier before the class begins.

Thank you

The headmaster

3.      Based on the text, we know that ....
A.    the activity will be carried out on the first day of February 2016
B.     the activity will be held before the lessons start
C.     the announcement is written by the teacher
D.    all teachers should clean the classrooms

4.      “... for the cleanliness of the classroom and its surrounding.”
The word “surrounding” has the closest meaning to ....
A.    habitat                          
B.     environment                 
C.     school                          
D.    tool 

The following text is for question 5 and 6.
The Manager
Angggrek Indah

Jl. Kemuning 13 Kemayoran Jakarta
Jakarta, 4 july 2015

Dear Sir,
Last Monday morning I bought a ticket to Solo at your agent at the Kalideres bus station. The price was Rp 70.000,00. According to the agent, the bus that was going to take me to my destination was air-conditioned and had reclining seats. The bus was also equipped with video programs.
At about 2 p.m, I arrived at the bus station and became very disappointed. The bus was really different from the one told by your agent. The bus was not air-conditioned. It did not have reclining seats, either. When I complained about this, the agent just said that it was the bus to leave for that day. It was a nightmare for me to be on your bus. To tell the truth, I am very disappointed in your agent’s deception. Anggrek Indah, as a matter of fact, is not so nice as its name.

Yourd truly,


5.      Adelaide was very disappointed to the bus agent because ....
A.    She had a nightmare                                          
B.     Her bus has left for Solo
C.     She was deceived by the agent                         
D.    The bus was air-conditioned

6.      According to the text, we can conclude that ....
A.    she went to Solo on July 4
B.     the bus she wanted was not air-conditioned
C.     she did not watch video programs on the bus
D.    she thought that Anggrek Indah’s service was nice

Read at the text below to answer questions 7 and 8.
Do you have problems with your hair, such as
Dryness or dandruff

Try our new product
Healthy for your hair, make it beautiful, shiny, and
Dandruff free

Bonus : Get a free sachet of conditioner with every
Four sachets of shampoo purchased!
7.      From the text, we know that …
A.    Every time we buy a sachet of shampoo, we will get a free sachet of conditioner
B.     If we buy four sachets of shampoo, we will get a free sachet of conditioner
C.     We will get five sachets of sachets of shampoo if we buy four
D.    The shampoo is completed with conditioner

8.      Based on the text above, we can infer that ….
A.    The product can clean all our body
B.     The product can remove the sweat
C.     We can get discount if we buy the product
D.    We will have a good hair if we use the product

Read the text below and answer questions 9 to 11.
I have an uncle. His name is Jeffrey. Jeffrey is my mother’s elder brother. He is my favorite among my mother’s brother. He is very interesting man. He lives quite near us with my aunt Anita and cousins Anna and Jack.
          He is about 45 years old with white hair, he still good looking. He is tall and has black eyes and a strong face. He wears glasses. He is short sighted. He takes off when he doesn’t work.
          Uncle Jeffrey is a textile engineering. He works for a big firm in Solo. He travels widely in his job. He is an expert in solving problems with machines.

9.      What does the text tell us about?
A.    The writer’s uncle                                                       
B.     Jeffrey’s history
C.     Jeffrey’s hobby                                                           
D.    The writer’s elder brother

10.  What is the topic of the second paragraph?         
A.    Uncle Jeffrey’s family
B.     The profession of uncle Jeffrey                                  
C.     Uncle Jeffrey’s daily activities
D.    Uncle Jeffrey’s physical appearance

11.  “… He is my favorite among my mother’s brother …” (Line 2 paragraph 1).
The underlined word has the closest meaning to ...
A.    behind
B.     between          
C.     bottom
D.    upper

The following text is for question 12 to 14.
Last Saturday, we woke up very early in the morning. Mother and I prepared breakfast quickly. Then we had breakfast together. After that, we started our journey to Bandungan. Father drove the car carefully.
We arrived at a hotel in Bandungan at 07.30. The hotel was at the peak of Bandungan. We unpacked our luggage and rested for a while. Then mom told us to get ready to go to the train station. Wow! It was fantastic! We rode on an old train. It lasted for thirty minutes. We passed a beautiful lake called RawaPening.
Then we were back to our hotel for lunch. After lunch, my brother Ivan and I went swimming. The swimming pool was near our room. However, the water was very cold. Soon, we decided to stop swimming. The next day, we went up hill to Gedong Songo temples complex. We rode horses to reach the temples. I felt as if I was acting in the Lord of the Rings moves. It was great fun.

12.  How did they explore the GedongSongo temples?
A.    By having a tour guide                                               
B.     With some film crews                                                 
C.     By riding horses
D.    On foot

13.  Why did the writer and her family wake up very early in the morning last Saturday?
A.    They wanted to have an early breakfast
B.     They planned to go to Bandungan
C.     They wanted to see their new car
D.    They wanted to go jogging

 14.  From the text, we can conclude that ….
A.    the writer have been swimming in Bandungan beach.
B.     the writer and his/her family stayed in a hut.
C.     the writer felt happy to go to Bandungan.
D.    father drove the car carelessly.

Read the text, and answer question 15 to 17.
How to operate a toaster

1.      Plug in the toaster to an electric plug.
2.      Insert two pieces of bread into the slot.
3.      Select the darkness of food in toaster using the adjustment knob. It is located on the front of toaster.
4.      Lower the lever to start the toasting cycle.
5.      Depending on how dark you select the food in the toaster to be, it will take a minute or two.
6.      Take food out of toaster and put jam, honey, or anything else you may want to add onto it. Then, start to eat the delicious meal you made.

15.  If we want to make the bread dark, what should we do?
A.    Insert the bread in the slot                                 
B.     Locate the bread in front of the toaster
C.     Give more time to make the toaster work         
D.    Select the suitable know in the adjustment knob

16.  “… It is located on the front of toaster. (Step 3)
What does the word “it” refer to?
A.    knob                             
B.     food                                                                        
C.     bread
D.    toaster

17.  “Depending on how dark you select the food in the toaster to be”.
The underlined word has the closest meaning to ….
A.    choose                          
B.     make                            
C.     insert                            
D.    create

 Read the text to answer question 18 to 20.
Last Saturday, I woke up early. I didn’t want to get out of bed, because there was no school. Suddenly, my telephone rang. It was my friend, Fanny. She asked me to go out at 10 o’clock. She wanted to shop at the traditional market. So I leapt out of bed and headed to the shower.
Finally, we were out. On the street, I saw a piece of pink paper. I picked it up and we read. We were shocked, it was a voucher for a four night tour to Lombok. The expiry date was that day. To our surprise, the name printed on it was Fanny Fenita and the birth date was exactly the same as Fanny’s and it was valid for two people. My God! We were wondering whether the paper fell from heaven.
We hurried to the tour agency that issued the voucher. The tour agency took care of everything. We went home and still couldn’t believe what happened. Two days later we were on Senggigi Beach, Lombok.
18.  The text tells us about ….
A.    A horrible holiday to Lombok                           
B.     A terrible holiday to Lombok                            
C.     An annoying holiday to Lombok
D.    An unbelievable holiday to Lombok

19.  The topic of the first paragraph is ….
A.   The writer didn’t get up                                     
B.   The writer’s friend invited him/her out              
C.   The writer’s telephoned him/her friend
D.   The writer didn’t go to school that day

20.  What did the writer see on the street?
A.    A voucher                    
B.     A friend                       
C.     A telephone                 
D.    A market

The following text is for questions 21 to 24.
Komodo Dragons 
The Komodo dragon, a species of lizard typical of the Indonesia Komodo Island, is the biggest lizard in the world.They hide well because their scaly skin has the color of clay.
Komodo dragons are carnivores. They have a very keen sense of smell. They eat almost anything, from pig to deer, buffalo, fish, and even snakes! They hide and wait for an  unsuspecting prey, and then attack  with their claws
and teeth. Once they prey is bitten, komodo dragons will follow it at an easy pace. That’s because their bite contains lethal bacteria that will kill they prey eventually.
Life is not so easy for the young komodo dragons. As soon as they hatch, they scatter out of the nest and climb up nearest tree. The reason why they do this is because otherwise they will fall prey to the adult komodo dragons. Fortunately for the young komodo dragons, the adults are too heavy to clim trees. The young komodo dragons start living on the ground after about 4 years.

21.  What is the skin of a komodo dragon like?
A.    Scaly and clay-colored                                             
B.     Scaly and smoth
C.     Thick and shiny                                                        
D.    Shiny and oily

22.  Why do the young dragons live on the trees? Because ....
A.    they have to protect themselves from the adults
B.     there is plenty of food in the trees
C.     they need to go to a higher place
D.    they want to seek their mother

23.  The second paragraph of the text tells us about komodo dragons’s ....
A.    characteristic                                                             
B.     sense of smell
C.     diet and how they get it                                           
D.    long claws and sharp teeth

24.  ... that will kill the prey eventually ... ”.(line 5 paragraph 2)
The underlined word has the closest meaning to ….
A.    catch   
B.     blame  
C.     decrease         
D.    assassinate

The following text is for question 25 to 27.
This tourism  object  is located  at  Jatiarjo  village  Prigen district.  This
natural preserve is the branch of Cisarua – Bogor natural preserve. As the natural wild life., Taman Safari Indonesia collects various wild animals. This wildlife preserve is 295 hectares. The wild animals such as : lion, tiger, wild buffalo, komodo, rhineceros, and bison live in open area. It lies at the slope of Mt. Arjuno 800 – 1.500 meter sea level and covers 340 ha and divided in three zones. Wild life zone, is the place for visitor observe a natural wild life.
Visit Taman Safari Indonesia II with your family, friends or the other. You also can meet with the youngest animals. You also can take a picture with young Orang Utans, white and the endangered Sumatran tigers, African lion. Watch and learn the Orang Utans, Chimpanzee, Proboscis Monkeys and more as they swing from branch to branch in their unique cultural settings as well as Cheetah, the fastest Land animal in the world. See also our variety of attractive birds in our walk in aviary. Then it’s time to go to through the reptile house and see all kinds of snakes, lizards, and nocturnal creatures from all over Indonesia.


25.  The text above is about Taman Safari Indonesia II ....
A.    as natural wildlife                                                     
B.     as a place for endangered animals
C.     as a habitat for wild animals                                     
D.    as a tourism object of a natural wildlife
26.  Why should we visit together to Taman Safari Indonesia II?.
A.    It can make us sad to visit it                                      
B.     It can make us boring to visit it
C.     We can see variety of attractive birds
D.    We can do anything in it we like

27.  “... and more as they swing from branch to branch ...” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word refers to ....
A.    Sumatran tigers            
B.     African lions                
C.     Orang utans                 
D.    snakes

Read the text and answer question number 28 to 30.
Nocturnal muscle cramps can often be prevented by doing leg-streching exercises, such as the outlined below.
1.      Stand 30 inches from the wall.
2.      While keeping your heels on the floor, lean forward, put your hands on the wall, and slowly move your hands up the wall as far as you can reach comfortably.
3.      Hold the streched position for 30 seconds. Release.
4.      Repeat steps 1 through 3 twice.
5.      For best results, practice the exercises in the morning. Before your evening meal, and before going to be each night.

28.  What part of body do we use while standing 30 inches from the wall?
A.    foot                              
B.     nose                             
C.     belly                             
D.    head

29.  From the text, we know that the first thing to do stop cramps is by ....
A.    exercising our leg                                                      
B.     holding the streched for half an hour
C.     putting your hand on the wall                                  
D.    doing exercise before meal

30.  We can conclude from the text that we should ....
A.    not lean forward your heels on the floor                  
B.     not release the streched along 30 minutes
C.     do exercise before evening meal                              
D.    not do sport after warming up

  Read the text and answer questions 31 to 34.
On a summer day, the weather was very hot and everybody was thirsty. A lion and a pig came at the same moment to a small well to drink. They were arguing which of them should drink first, and were soon fighting furiously.
When they rested from their fighting, they saw some vultures in the distance. The birds were waiting for one of them to die so they could eat. The vultures were looking and anticipating eargerly. They were more than five vultures ready to grab any victims from the fight.
Realizing the situation, the lion and the pig soon decided to stop fighting and made up. They didn’t event continue the quarrel and arguments. “Look at those vultures. They can’t wait to eat our bodies once we die. Let’s just stop fighting,” said the lion to the pig.
“You’re right. It’s better for us to be friends than to be food of those vultures. That will certainly happen if we get hurt or die,” replied the pig.  

31.  From the story above, we can learn that ....
A.    patience cannot solve problems  
B.     not every problem has solution
C.     fighting can’t solve any problem      
 D.    we need to argue for every action
32.  Why did the animal stop the fighting and make up?
A.    They were thirsty
B.     They realized the situation                                       
C.     They looked at the victims                                       
D.    They wanted to take a rest

33.  You’re right. It’s better for us...” (line 1 Paragraph 4)
What does the word “You” refer to?

A.    pig                                                                          
B.     lion
C.     vulture                         
D.    lion and pig

34.  How is the vultures’ feeling when the lion and the pig stop fighting?

A.    anxious           
B.     glad    
C.     sad      
D.    bad

Read the text carefully and answer questions number  35 to 38.
Durian is classified as Durio Ziberthinus. It is native South East Asia. Durian is known as the king of fruits. It is not only the most expensive fruit but also the most controversial fruit which is prohibited from the airline cabin, hotels, and some public transports.
The durian tree is large and very tall. I can grow up to 25 – 50 meters and it has green elliptic leaves. A durian tree usually can bear fruit after four or five years.
The durian fruit, which can hang from any branches, mature in about three months after pollination. The fruit can grow up to 30 centimeters long, 15 centimeters in diameter. The husk is covered with sharp thorns. The color of the husk ranges from green to brown. The flesh is pale yellow. It is soft but juicy. When it is ripe, it tastes sweet and smell very strong.
Durian contains a lot of sugar, vitamin C and potassium. Durian is also good source of carbohydrate, protein, and fats. Durian is usually eaten fresh. Sometimes it is also cooked to make ‘dodol’ or jam.

35.  What does the text tell us about?
A.    The king of fruit                                                       
B.     Durian in general
C.     The most expensive fruit                                          
D.    Durian as a controversial fruit

36.  Which part of the durian has sharp thorns?
A.    the leaves                     
B.     the fruit                        
C.     the husk                       
D.    the branches

37.  What is the topic of paragraph three?
A.    The description of durian fruit                                 
B.     The process of pollination of durian tree
C.     Many kinds of food from durian                             
D.    The odor of the durian flesh

38.  From the text we know that ....
A.    Durian tree can produce fruit after seven years
B.     The durian husk is covered with blunt thorns
C.     Durian tree is small and very short
D.    Durian is noted as the king of fruit.

Read the text to answer questions 39 to 42.
Once upon a time, there lived a well-to-do but childless couple. They owned a garden that was filled with sweet tamarinds (sampaloc) which became famous all over the island and beyond. In order to make sure that no one would enter their yard and steal their tamarind, the couple built a fence around the yard and placed a watchdog to guard it.
Testing the hospitality of the couple, a fairy disguised as a poor old woman, went to the couple and begged for some tamarind to relieve her hunger. The couple did not even look at the old woman and  instead of yielding to her appeal, they became very angry and drove her away by letting the ferocious dog loose. The old woman was badly hurt.
Before she turned away from the couple, she touched the tamarind tree and said, "You shall be punished for your selfishness." Then she slowly went away. The sky suddenly became overcast even before the old lady was out of sight. A terrible storm broke out and heavy rains fell through the night.
The next morning, the couple went through their usual routine. Instead of tall green tamarind trees, the couple was startled to see a vast expanse of water. Unconvinced of what happened, they went forward to the bank of the lake and saw through the transparent water the tamarind trees still rooted to the sunken ground.
From that day on, the place became known as "Sampaloc Lake," (sampaloc being the Filipino term for tamarind). Nowadays, the shoreline of Sampaloc Lake is surrounded with floating restaurants that serves Filipino and Chinese cuisines with cottages built on bamboo stilts. The lake is abundant with different species like tilapia, bangus (milk fish), carp and shrimps.

 39.  The text is about  ...
A.    The well-to-do but childless couple.
B.     The Legend of Sampaloc Lake.
C.     The legend of sweet tamarinds.
D.    The furious fairy godmother.
40.  What is the topic of the forth paragraph?
A.    The place was then named Sampaloc Lake.
B.     The garden of tamarinds was drowned.
C.     The fairy punished the selfish couple.
D.    The tamarinds were destroyed.

41.  What did the fairy do before she left the couple?
A.    She gave something to the couple.
B.     She picked some tamarind fruit.
C.     She got angry with the couple.
D.    She touched the tamarind tree.

42.  “…. letting the ferocious dog loose.” (line 4 paragraph 2)
The underlined word has the closest meaning to ….
A.    Dangerous
B.     Naughty
C.     Vicious
D.    Tame

For question 43 to 45, choose the suitable words to complete the text.
A week ago my uncle from Makassar came. He brought me a present. It was a hamster. The hamster is so … (43). I named is Speedy because its movement is so fast. To me, Speedy always does everything … (44). It eats, runs, and climbs in rush.
Speedy has large front teeth to nibble the seeds I put in its cage. The fur is so fast. …(45) consists of two colours brown and black. The black colour covers it chest and stomach part.
 43.   ....

A.    bad                               
B.     cute                              
C.     terrible                                                                    
D.    horrible
44.   ......
A. slowly                           
B. quickly                          
C. badly                             
D. lazily

45.   .......
A.  We                               
B.  She                               
C.  He                                
D.  It

 For question 46 to 48, choose the correct words to fill in the blank.
 When I was in the 8th grade of junior high school, my family and I went to Bali for three days. I had many experiences during the vacation. On the first day, we visited Sanur Beach in the early … (46). We saw the … (47) sunrise. On the second day, we spent the day on TanjungBenoa beach. We spent our final day in Sangeh. We … (48) the green and shady forest. In the afternoon, we had to check out from the hotel. We returned home bringing so many amazing memories of Bali.

 46.   .........

A.    morning                       
B.     afternoon                     
C.     evening                        
D.    night
47.   ..............
A.    furious                         
B.     naughty                        
C.     beautiful                      
D.    fast

48.   .............
A.    enjoyed                        
B.     wanted
C.     played                          
D.    heard                            

For question 49 and 50, rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences.
49.    sothe towniscleanthatthereeverybodylovesliving
1  2         3      4         5         6          7      8             9      
A.    2789 – 6 3415                                
B.     289 – 6 37415
C.     2 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 6                                
D.    23785419 – 6

50.    have  yearsforherefamilyfourlivedmy
1  2         3        4         5          6          7   8         
A.    45836271                                      
B.     85136274
C.     36271458                                      
D.    8 – 5 – 1 – 7 – 4 – 3 – 6 – 2

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