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Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
Berikut ini saya poskan soal try out ke-2 dengan kunci jawaban yang langsung tersedia pada jawaban. Mudah-maudahan bermanfaat, ya!

Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C or D!
The text is for number 1-2.
To : Fino of class 8B
Would you please attend our meeting that will be held :
Day/date          : Saturday, March 11th 2015
Time                : 11 a.m.
Place                : Multimedia Room
Agenda            : Final preparation for Wall Magazine Competition 2015
Please come punctually, see you there !

1.        From the text, we can conclude that ....
A.     The meeting will prepare the agenda
B.     The meeting is held in the morning
C.     Fino is expected to be late in the meeting
D.     The chairperson will discuss about multimedia room

2.        Please come punctually, .... The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.     On time                                                                        C.  In time
B.     Early`                                                               D.  Late

The text is for numbers 3 and 4.
To: All players Tournament of MTSAL HIDAYAH
Due to the bad weather, this recent football game will be delayed for about two hours or maybe at 06.00 p.m. The coach will contact the players if the situation is possible.

The Chairperson 
3.        “This football game will be delayed for about two hours”. The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.       Came                                                          
B.       Rejected                                                     
C.       Finished
D.       Postphoned

4.        Why the coach will contact the players?
A.       The weather is not fine                               
B.       The football game will be delayed             
C.       The game will begin if the situation is posible
D.       The chairperson wiil delay this football game

The text is for number 5 and 6.
From    : reyna_cobback@
Dear Jenna,
How’s life? I hope you are well. Are you still busy with your school work? I have pets now. Guess what? They are hamsters! I bought a couple from a fair in my town last month.
They are so cute. Just like balls rolling when they walk. I feed them every day. It is enjoyable to see them eating. Since then, they have had six babies. You know, I once read about a student who made money by selling her hamsters. I think I can do the same. My parents’ fiends who visit our house say that they like the hamsters.
I’ve attached photographs of the hasters. Iam sure you’d like them. My camera is full with pictures of my hamsters. You must see my hamsters one day.


5.        How did Reyna get her hamsters?
A.  She bought them from an animal market         .          
B.   She found them on the street.             
C.   She bought them from a fair.
D.  Someone gave them to her.

6.        From the text, we can conclude that?
A.   Reyna will visit Jenna soon                                        
B.   Reyna will give one of her hamsters                           
C.   Reyna has made money from her hamsters
D.   Reyna attaches photographs of the hamsters

The text is for number 7 and 8
Home Image USA iMM-405 3-speed stainless steel is a professional in ice crushing. Enjoy a lot of joy from the mixers and beverages you can whip up in this blender. The stainless steel outer body is easy to clean and has a sustainable use. Power: 600W, 230V~50Hz/120V~60Hz.
3 speed settings with light; 600w,230V~50Hz/120V~60Hz
Includes a capacity of 1.75L/2L glass jar
Stainless steel chopping blade; and stainless steel body.

7.    The outer part of the blender is easy to clean because….
A.       it is made of stainless steel                              
B.        the steel is stainless                                         
C.        it’s power is 600 w
D.       it  is sustainable

8.    From the text we know that ….
A.     the jar of the blender is made of plastic                      
B.     the product has more than 5 features              
C.     the capacity of jar is less than 1.75l
D.     it has stainless  steel chopping blade

The text is for numbers 9 to 11.

My name is Joanna. I have a close friend named Rianna. We study in the same school, but in different classes. We get close because our houses are not a long way. She often picks me up to go to school.
Rianna is smart, dilligent, and friendly. She often gets the first rank in our school. I think almost all people in our school know her. However, she is not arrogant. I often ask about lessons which I don’t fully understand.
Rianna has a small body. She is thinner, but taller than me. She has dark complexion and straight hair. Her face is oval with round eyes and thick eyebrows. Although she is thin, she is healthy. And one  of her favourite lessons is physical exercise. She can run fast and play basketball very well.

9.    The text tells us about....
A.  Rianna’s friend                                                           
B.   Rianna’s hobby                                                           
C.   Joanna’s friend
D.  Rianna’s body

10.              What does paragraph two tell you about?
A.   Rianna’s hobby                                              
B.   Rianna’s characteristics
C.   Rianna’s daily activities
D.   Rianna’s favourite subject

11.    “However, she is not arrogant” (paragraph 2) .The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.   unkind
B.   incurios
C.   helpful
D.   conceited

The text is for numbers 12 to 14.
Last Sunday was my birthday. My family and I celebrated it an orphanage near my house.
We arrived at the orphanage around ten. Mrs. Ross, the owner of orphanage, welcomed us warmly. She asked us to sightsee and walk around the orphanage. Then, she showed us into quite a large room where many orphans were gathered. The children stood around a desk with a birthday cake on it and we stood beside the desk. After giving a brief welcome spech, Mrs Ross asked the children to sing a birthday song.
The children sang enthusiastically. They looked happy. I was so touched. I thought they would never have celebrated their birth days. After slicing the cake and offering my parents  a couple of slices, we asked the orphans to enjoy the snacks and softdrinks. I then  talked with a few orphans and I saluted them. Although they didn’t have parents beside them, they were not sad. They were tough children.
Finally, after having lunch together, my parents made a donation to the orphanage and we went home. It was a really meaningful birthday for me.

12.         Where did the writer celebrate his/her birthday?
A.       At  school
B.       In a restaurant
C.       At an orphanage
D.       In his/her birthday

13.         Why did the writer salute the orphans?
A.       They could live peacefully although they had  parents.
B.       They always complain about their hard life.
C.       They could live happily without parents.
D.       They never had problems in their life.

14.         From the text we can conclude that ....
A.       Mrs .Ross asked the children to walked around the orphanage
B.       The writer’s parents gave a gift to the orphans
C.       The writer gave the first cake to the orphans
D.       The orphans have celebrated their birthday

The text is for numbers15 to 17.
(Ice Fruit Coctail with Condensed milk)
150 gr sugar
2 pandan leaves
50 ml water
400 gr ripe avocado cut into 1 cm cube
400 gr ripe jackfruit, desseded and cut into 1 cm cube
3 young coconut meat, scraped out
Crushed ice
Condensed milk
1.      Combine sugar, pandan leaves and water in a small saucepan
2.      Heat for a few minutes until sugar dissolves
3.      Cool syrup
4.      Place generous spoonsfuls of cube avocado, jackfruit and young oconut into a serving bowl
5.      Add a little syrup to sweeten it
6.      Top with crushed ice and drizzle on a condensed milk
7.      Serve immediately
15.    How much water do we need if we want to make “Es Teler”?
A.     20 ml
B.     50 ml
C.     150 ml
D.     400 ml

16.    “Serve immediately” . The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.     Lately
B.     At once
C.     Sharply
D.     Gradually

17.    “Add a little syrup to sweeten it’’.The underlined word refers to ....
A.     Cool syrup
B.     Serving bowl
C.     Condensed milk
D.     Mixture ingredients

The text is for numbers 18 to 20.
Today was a really hot day. After I had had my lunch, I went to the town square to watch a local singing contest. I went there alone.
Arriving there, I chose a place under a big tree. I thought it could save me from the strong sunlight. I actually did not really pay attention to the contest. I just went there to avoid a boring time at home.
Suddenly, I found myself behind a young boy. I was really sure that he was my classmate, Andi. I pinched him a little and called his name. The boy was surprised. When he turned around, I finally realized that he was not my classmate. I could not say a word. That moment was just embarrassing.

 18.    What does the text tell us about?
A.   The writer’s good day
B.   The writer’s singing contest
C.   The writer’s daily activities
D.   The writer’s embarrassing experience
19.    What is the main idea of paragraph three?
A.  The writer went to town square
B.   The writer’s place under a big tree
C.   The writer calle the boy ,Andi
D.  The writer feel embarrassed

20.    Where was the writer standing while watching the singing contest?
A.  Near the stage.
B.   Under abig tree.
C.   In front of the television.
D.  In the middle of the crowd.

The text is for numbers 21 to 24.
Crocodiles are reptiles. The physical characteristics of crocodiles make them good predators. They are fast over short distances.
Crocodiles have the strongest bite of any animal in the world. Crocodiles have sharp teeth. The muscles that open crocodiles jaws however are not so powerful, reasonably strong people could hold a crocodiles jaw closed with their bare hands.
Like other reptiles, crocodiles are cold-blooded. Most crocodiles  live in fresh water rivers and lakes but some live in salt water. Crocodiles can survive for along time without food. Crocodiles eat a variety of fish, bird and othe animals.
The saltwater crocodiles is largest species of crocodiles. Some crocodiles species can weigh over 1200 kg (2600 lb). Like alligators, crocodiles are part of the order “crocodylia”
21.    Where the crocodiles usually live?
A.  Sea
B.   Cold water
C.   Warm water
D.  Fresh water river

22.    Why the crocodiles have the strongest bite?
A.  They have sharp teeth
B.   They have cold-blooded
C.   They live in saltwater and lake
D.  They are largest species in the world

23.    “Crocodiles can survive for along time without food”. (paragraph 3).
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.  Save
B.   Fight
C.   force
D.  Struggle

24.    What is the main idea of paragraph two ?
A.  Crocodile’s blood
B.   Crocodile’s  living area
C.   Crocodile’s biting is strongest
D.  Crocodiles species in the world

 The text is for numbers 25 to 27.
Kediri is a name of a town. It is situated in a valley between the Kelud and Wilis mountains and inhabited by about 1,3 million people. In the centre of the town there a large hill which is called the Dathok mountain. Because of the topography of the region, Kediri is called a chilly town by the locals. There is a big river calles Brantas cutting off the centre of the town.
Besides temples, Kediri also famous for its products like cigarettes and a special kind of tofu or bean curd.This highly nutritious food is a delicacy of Kediri and has a distinctive taste. The ciggarette factory dominated the town’s economy and employees the majority of women labor force. Kediri and the cigarette factory are inseparable and it is considered the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia. Most of the local people work in this factory those who do not work there are farmer or traders.
25.    What does the above text tell us about?
A.     The famous products of Kediri
B.     The description of Kediri
C.     The history of Kediri
D.     The people of Kediri

26.    Which one has distinctive taste?
A.     The cigarette
B.     The bean curd
C.     The special food
D.     The highly nutritious food

27.    Those who do not work here”(paragraph 2) . The underlined word refers to ....
A.     The factory workers
B.     The local people
C.     The farmers
D.     The labor

The text is for numbers 28 to 30.
The following steps tell how to wash clothes using a washing machine. First, separate the coloured clothes from the others. Then, put them in the washing machine, turn the machine on, set it to the wash selection and pour the detergent powder in. Next, wait for the tub to fill with water. After the process of washing has finished, let the clothes drain through the drain hose. After that, see the knob of the wash timer again, this time to rinse for three minutes. Do this twice for a good rinsing. Finally, put the wet clothes into the spin compartment, set the knob and wait until the spin processing shuts off. Now, you are ready to put the clothes on the line.
28.    How can we dry the wet clothes?
A.     By putting them in the washing machine.
B.     By separating the coloured from the others.
C.     By putting them into the spin compartment.
D.     By pouring the detergent powder into the machine.

29.    When is the detergent powder poured into the washing machine?
A.     Before we begin to turn the machine on.
B.     Before we rinse the clothes for the second.
C.     Before we put the dirty clothes in the machine.
D.     After we set the machine to the wash position.

30.    From the text above we know that ....
A.     It is not enough to rinse clothes only once
B.     It is useful to use detergent powder to rinse the clothes
C.     It needs much electricity to wash using a washing machine
D.     It is bad to wash coloured clothes using  a washing machine

The text is for numbers 31 to 34.
The king of Benares was out on a hunting trip with his wise counsellor. They stopped to feed their horses some peas. Suddenly a young monkey darted down a tree and scooped a huge handful of peas out of the feeding through. Halfaway back up the tree one pea fell from the monkey’s furry hands and in a desperate attempt to catch it, the monkey dropped all the peas he was carrying.
Peas scattered on the ground and he horses ate them. The monkey climbed back up the tree empty handed and sat sadly on a branch. The King and his wise councellor watched this episode with amusement. The councellor chuckled, “Great king, when far too greedy you be, remember that monkey and the pea.

31.    Why did the monkey drop all the peas he was carrying ?
A.     The peas tasted sour
B.     The horses forced it to give the peas
C.     It wanted to give the peas to the horses
D.     It lost its balance when trying to catch the fallen pea

32.    “... in a desperate attempt to catch it”(paragraph 1). The underlined word refers to ...
A.     The pea
B.     The tree
C.     The horse
D.     The branch

33.         From the text we can know that ... .
A.       the monkey ate all the peas
B.       the King of Benares was greedy
C.       the monkey didn’t drop all the peas
D.       the horse ate the peas on the ground

34.         What  can we learn from the story ?
A.     We should  be cruel.
B.     We should be honest.
C.     We  should not be greedy.
D.     We should respect each other.

The text is for numbers 35 to 32.
One of the most valuable and widespread plants is bamboo. It is a tall tree like grass. There are more than 350 species. Most grow in Asia and on island of the Indian and Pasific oceans. Although bamboo is a tropical plant, it can grow in a cooler temperate zone.
A single root may produce as many as 100 stems. They are hollow,woody and jointed. The stems are sometimes 3 feet (0,9 metre) around.Sprout grow fast, at times 1 foot (0,3 metre) or more a day. They may grow to 30,50 or even 130 feet (9-40 metres) in height. Near the top are many branches. Some species do not bloom for 60 years or more.
Bamboo products range from food to houses. Asian people usually use the sprouts as vegetables. In East and Southeast Asia, people use the hollow stems for water pipes and for building bridges and houses. Short section serve as pails and cooking untensils. The stems make for walls, floors and roots – Thinner strips are woven into mats, chairs, cages, and curtains. Bamboo fishing rods are made of matched strips glued together. Split bamboo is also used for chopsticks and fan ribs, the inner parts of the stems of several species are made into quality papers.

35.    What is the text about ?
A.  Grass
B.   Bamboo
C.   Chanebrake Bamboo
D.  A Tropical Plant
36.    What is the main idea of  paragraph 3?
A.  Bamboo is used for houses only.
B.   Bamboo is able to the be consumed.
C.   Bamboo is very useful plant.
D.  Bamboo is needed in Asia.

37.    Which part of the bamboo can be used for building houses?
A.  Bamboo spotrs
B.   Hollow stems
C.   Split Bamboo
D.  Dinner strips

38.    How can the people use the bamboo?
A.  They use the sprout as food
B.   They can plant it in the house
C.   They can use the stem as the vegetable
D.  They use the hollow stem for water maker

The text is for numbers 39 to 42.
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Sarah, who lived with her stepmother. Her stepmother was very bossy, greedy and arrogant. She hated Sarah a lot.
One day when her father was working outside, the stepmother hit Sarah and expelled her from the house. She went out side and walked far away from the house. Suddenly she saw a big melon farm and went it. After that she hid in a big melon. She used to go out the melon and get her food.
One day a prince visited the farm and saw a big melon.
“Cut this melon, I want to eat it,” the prince said. The prince’s guards started to cut the melon but they heard a voice from it.
Sarah said “Don’t cut me please! They all were surprised at this situation. The prince said “Who are you? Calm down, please come out”.
After that she came out. He fell in love with her. She told him the story. So the prince decided to marry her and they lived happily aver after.

 39.    The text above tells us about ....
A.       the cruel stepmother
B.       Sarah and a melon
C.       the prince and a melon
D.       Sarah the greedy’s girl

40.    What is the topic of paragraph one?
A.       The beauty of Sarah
B.       The hate of Sarah’s mother
C.       The life of Sarah with The prince
D.       The life of Sarah with her stepmother

41.    Where did Sarah hide from her stepmother?
A.       In a big farm.
B.        In  a big tree.
C.        In a big stone.
D.       In a big melon.

42.    “Her stepmother was very bossy, greedy, and arrogant” (paragraph 1) .
 The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A.       vanity
B.        Covetous
C.        Conceited
D.       Tolerance

For question 43 –45, choose the suitable words to complete the text.
I love dogs very much. I keep some dogs in my house. (43).... are Casper, Midas, Brwonie and Dottie. Casper is a dachshund. He’s short with long body and four strong legs. Brwonie is a collie. She has long and (44) .... fur. What color is her fur? Brown, of course that’s why I call her Brownie. Dottie is a Dalmatian. She has a slim body and four long legs. She has thin fur and dots all over her body. The last is Midas. He is a bulldog. He has a large head, a short neck and thick short legs. He’s very strong.
I always take care of my dogs (45) ....

43.    ....
A.     They
B.     Them
C.     Their
D.     Theirs

44.    ....
A.     Thick
B.     Thin
C.     Slim
D.     Fat
45.    ....
A.     Every day
B.     Everyweek
C.     Everymonth
D.     Everyyear

For question 46 –48, choose the suitable words to complete the text.
Yesterday was my terrible day. I woke up late so I went to school in a hurry. I (46).... my bike so fast that I would come on time to school. I arrived (47) .... school as soon as the bell rang. What a relief!. However in the first lesson, the teacher asked us to submit our homework. Oh Gosh! I left mine at home. My teacher thought I had not done it yet, so he got (48).... with me.What a terrible day
46.    ....
A.     Ran
B.     Drove
C.     Walked
D.     Peddled

47.    ....
A.     On
B.     In
C.     At
D.     Into

48.    ....
A.     Confused
B.     Angry
C.     Tired
D.     Sad

49.    Arrange the words into a good sentence.
Putthe refrigeratoritwill notspoilso thatIthe milkin
              1         2                    3          4          5          6       7         8         9
A.     2 – 4 – 1 – 8 – 9 – 5 – 3 – 7 – 6         
B.     2 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 5 – 8 – 9
C.     7 – 1 – 8 – 9 – 2 – 6 – 3 – 4 –5
D.     7 – 1 – 8 – 9 – 5 – 6 – 3 – 4 – 2         

50.    Arrange the words into a good sentence.
YearshastenMr. Danyforherelived
                1        2       3            4           5       6          7

A.       4 -2 – 7 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 3
B.        4 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 1
C.        4 – 2 – 7 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 6
D.       4 - 2 – 7 – 3 – 5 – 6  -  1

Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb

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